Eight Immortals in Boat
Eight Immortals in Boat

Eight Immortals in Boat

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Vintage "faux" Cinnabar Chinese Feng Shui Sculpture depicting 8 Eight Immortals in a tree boat floating on clouds. 

The Eight Immortals embark on a tree-carved boat, symbolizing their divine mission to help mortals achieve their desires. According to legend, they bring abundant blessings of fortune, descendants, education, longevity, wealth, and fame. Each deity safeguards an auspicious direction, creating harmonious feng shui in all aspects. Having them in your office or home guarantees their support and admiration from all who see.

What the Eight Immortals symbolizes and its application in symbolism Feng Shui

The Eight Immortals are superior beings worshipped by Taoists and widely regarded as symbols of longevity and good fortune in Feng Shui study. Comprising six men and two women, legend has it that they were sent down from heaven to assist mankind in their time of need and achieve their ambitions and aspirations to gain good wealth, fame, health, and knowledge. Each immortal possesses a tool of power that can perform supernatural magic. They are imbued with the power of being visible and invisible at pleasure, of raising the dead, of changing stones they touch into gold, and of effecting at pleasure various other wonderful transmutations. The symbolic presence of the Eight Immortals in your home is believed to bestow good health, happiness, and good fortune on every member of your family especially in this Period 8.

Let’s get to know your Eight Immortals:

First immortal – Chung-Li Chuan considered the chief of the immortals, always carries a magical fan and sometimes a peach. He is said to have discovered the Elixir of life and possessed the power to cure the sick and revive the dead. This immortality is a symbol of and longevity.

Second Immortal – Chang Kuo-Lao, is represented as an ‘Old’ man with mystic powers who carries the bamboo tube and riding a mule that could carry him a thousand miles a day. He’s a symbol of wisdom and used to help childless couples conceive.

Third Immortal – Lu Dong-Pin, is a Taoist scholar with a magic sword used to slay demons and evil spirits. He’s also shown with a fly-whisker that cures illnesses. This immortal symbolizes scholastic luck and protection.

Fourth Immortal – Ts’ao Guao-Chiu, is the finest dressed of the Eight immortals. He’s generally shown with castanets or a jade tablet of admission to court, and sometimes a feather fan. Said to have been connected with the Sung Imperial family, he signifies fame and recognition.

Fifth Immortal – Li T’ieh Guai (Iron-crutch Li), is depicted as a beggar with a crutch and a gourd (Wulou). He is sometimes represented as accompanied by a deer. Believed to be the most powerful of the Eight, he bestows wisdom.

Sixth Immortal – Han Hsiang Tzu, is the happy immortal often shown carrying a flute, which he is usually represented as playing. He brings healing energy to the occupants.

Seventh Immortal – Lan Tsai Ho, often shown wearing a blue robe and carrying a basket of flowers. She brings luck to young women.

Eight Immortal – He Hsien Ku, carries with her a magical lotus blossom and a fly-whisk, she’s called the Immortal Maiden. She is a symbol of family and marriage luck.

7" wide 7" tall. Over 4 lbs!