Wild Rituals

Wild Rituals

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The Wild Rituals Deck by Tamed Wild is a deck of 30 rituals and intentions, with a card for all the major needs one can have in this life. Pull a card at random and let the ritual choose you, or seek out what it is you are needing and manifest with intent. This deck was created to grow with you through all your seasons and our wish is that you find its words useful, guiding and telling in your hour of need. 

Each ritual is broken down into 5 sections: Purpose, History & Lore, Tools, Ritual Instructions & Mantra 

Example rituals included are: Abundance, Acceptance, Prosperity, Calling upon Ancestors, Protection, Safe Travel... 

Each card has hand painted art by the talented Zarina Karapetyan (@zarinakay_ ) and include words authored by the magical Jillian Kristina (@root_down)